About Logistics In Nature

 curby and shanan owners of logistics in nature

Logistics In Nature is owned and operated by Curby and Shanan, a couple with a love for the outdoors. The idea for Logistics In Nature came to Curby late one night as he was preparing for a weekend camping trip with their two young sons.  After several trips to the store and hours packing and organizing all of their gear, he suggested they start a business that rented out all that they had in front of them: a practical, comprehensive camping equipment package. Shanan, who loves to organize everything under the sun, thought it was a great idea and immediately began brainstorming ways to pack boxes so that they were both practical and convenient.  Six months later, with the idea still swimming in the back of their heads, they decided to go for it, purchasing equipment, building their website, designing a logo and and sending people that they knew camping to test their idea.  Their hope is that they've thought of everything you'll need to enjoy being outdoors as much as they do.