Getting Started

"Starting" seems to be an appropriate enough topic, as we ease into this blogging thing.  While some of us seem right at home in the wilderness, getting outside can be intimidating for many.  The backcountry remoteness that the seasoned hiker longs for is the ultimate nightmare for the nature novice.  So, in the spirit of getting started, I offer our nature novices three tips to assist their entry into the wild.

1.       Start small.  Don’t take on the Appalachian trail during your first outing.  There is much fun to be had by just throwing up a tent in the backyard and consuming s'mores until your stomach hurts.  Backyard camps are a great dress rehearsal for the real deal where you can test your equipment and outdoor tolerance in a forgiving environment.  Trust me, the backyard is the best place to discover that your toddler won't sleep in the tent.

2.       Bring a friend.  Ask a more experienced friend to show you the ropes.  An experienced buddy will quiet your anxiety about being eaten by a bear in the middle of the night.  And, your friend will likely enjoy sharing her love of the outdoors with you.  Maybe, just maybe, your BFF will carry all of the heavy stuff. 

3.        Just go.  If you find yourself with the opportunity to get outside, do it.  Don't worry about the weather or having the right gear, although we can help with that, and just go. 

--The LIN Crew