Campsite of the Month-Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend Entrance

The Scoop

Nestled amongst private property, Colorado Bend State Park is an absolute treasure located west of Lampasas, Texas.  The park's 5000+ acres create a great atomosphere for activities such as hiking and mountain biking (over 30 miles of trails!), fishing, paddling, climbing, swimming, birding and of course camping.  Gorman Falls is a popular destination within the park and with over 400 caves, the opportunities for underground exploration are abundant and the reason for our visit. 

Colorado Bend Campsite

What We Loved

Colorado Bend is fairly isolated and we loved that about this park.  Light and noise pollution are minimal.  The campsites, although clustered together were near bathrooms, park headquarters and situated along the Colorado River, offering a great view and calming backdrop.  We’d recommend hiking out to one of the primitive sites in the Windmill Backpacking area to fully take advantage of the remoteness of this park.


What We'd Like To See Instead 

FOOD!  The park store here is minimal, selling only drinks, snacks, ice and firewood. With the nearest town almost 30 miles away, a more robust store would have been much appreciated. However, the minimalism of the store is in line with the park's atmosphere, so we can't really complain too much.  Procedes from purchases at the store befefit the Friends of Colorado Bend State Park, so grab a drink and some ice cream and show your support for this great park!