Park Preview-Jones Park & Nature Center

20634 Kenswick Drive
Humble, Texas 77338

Jones Park Playground

The Scoop

Jesse H. Jones Park and Nature Center is a 312 acre park in Humble, Texas (north east Houston) complete with nature center, playground, hike and bike trails, canoe launch, picnic pavilion, fishing ponds, overlook decks, restrooms and outdoor stage. The Redbud Hill Homestead and Akokisa-Ishak Indian Village are a recreated early 19th century Texas-style homestead and early 18th century Indian village, respectively.  (We'll be sure to explore more of this part of the park in a future blog!) The park offers several events throughout year including the upcoming Homestead Heritage Day and NatureFest


What We Loved

We are big fans of parks with multiple purposes and this one hit the nail on the head. Between the trails, fishing ponds, homestead and playground there are plenty of ways to keep busy.  Our favorite was the nature center, located at the entrance to the park. Dramatic static displays covered the walls and hung from the ceiling. We found fish, snakes and turtles in the aquariums lining the walls. There was a really neat "touch and feel" section where kids could examine shells, bones, feathers, etc. and test their knowledge against an identification chart.  There were also games, puzzles and a crayon rubbing station.  We'd go back just to spend more time in the Nature Center!


What We'd Like to See Instead

We're splitting hairs here, but it was a little frustrating that several trails prohibit bikes and the trail map did not specify which ones we were allowed to ride on.  We'd wanted to ride a bit after exploring the playground but none of the trails nearby were bike friendly.  I had to use my phone (which was dying) to look it up on the park website only to discover that with nap time quickly approaching, I would have had to pack everyone up and drive to the opposite end of the park to get to the trail quickly and safely. (We had the same issue at George Bush Park a few weeks ago.) All in all, we had a great time and I can foresee us spending a lot of time at this great park!