Colorado Crossing

Race: Colorado Crossing Trail Race
When: 9/15/2018 - 9/16/2018
Where: Shaffer Bend Recreation Area

Summary: Bottom line, this race has great potential for a personal record (PR) if you are looking to set one. With the exception of the dagger trail, most of the trails are non-technical jeep trails. The soil is soft and you should expect dense vegetation due to the recent rains. I don’t know the exact race route, but if it includes the dagger trail, be ready for a technical climb. The dagger is the most technical trail in the park and also includes the most climbing.

The facilities in the park are relatively limited. There is one flush toilet adjacent to the park entrance. Additionally, there are portable toilets in the camp grounds and near some of the trail heads. There are not showers in the park and you are looking at a 20 minute drive to the nearest store.

Overall, I expect this to be another great TROT race that will likely produce a few PRs. Enjoy!